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No conversation these days is complete without the use of emojis. This is why the emoji keyboard was created. This keyboard allows you to choose between hundreds of emojis of different types i.e. Google, Messenger, System, WhatsApp etc. You can simply select the emojis that you want to and they will be directly copied. After that, they can easily be pasted in your conversations. Thus, it will make the process of embedding emojis in your conversations, much more convenient than it was before.

How to make emojis on computer keyboard?

As discussed above, the process of choosing emojis has never been easier! First of all, you will have to select the type. Type basically refers to the emoji types used in different platforms such as WhatsApp, Messenger etc. After that, all the available emojis for that specific type will be presented on the emoji keyboard. That’s not it however, as you will not only get the people emojis (or smileys as some people call these), but also other categories such as flags, activities, foods and what not?! Once you tap/click on an emoji, it will be copied directly (or you can also give yourself the assurance by copying it manually). After that, those emoji(s) can be pasted wherever you want.

How to use iPhone emojis on Android devices?

Emoji keyboard is also the answer to this burning question. Although iOS and Android emojis are (in one way or another) same, it can’t be argued that emojis available on iOS devices edge out those on their Android counterparts, in terms of design and details. Thus, many people wish that they can enjoy the neatness of iPhone emojis, but on their Android gadgets. This is where emoji keyboard comes into play. Gone are the days when you had to satisfy yourself with the standard emojis. Now, you have the opportunity to download the apple emoji keyboard from Google Play Store, install it and take full advantage of it in your conversations.

Download Emoji Keyboard:

Android users are just a tap away from hundreds and thousands of cool emojis, themes and gifs. If you own an Android device, all you have to do is go to Google Playstore and download “Go Keyboard”. This 35 MB app is considered as the best android emoji keyboard due to countless reasons. First of all, it offers an exciting “Your Avatar Emoji” feature. It allows you to create a cartoon avatar of yourself, and then get your own sticker library with it. After that, you can share your avatar emoji on different Social Media as well as other messaging platforms. Additionally, Go Keyboard supports countless languages, making it enjoyable for people across the globe. Moreover, it is privacy-friendly and never collects any personal information. Thus, its personalized and privacy-friendly nature along with offering Smooth, Speedy and Smart Typing opportunities, are the main reasons why this app must be your go-to!

Emoji Keyboard apk:

You can also get this tool as an APK file. With support for over 150 languages, the Emoji Keyboard APK app will make sure that you stay up to date with not only thousands of amazing emojis, but also the trending GIFS. To add icing on the cake, it is also privacy-friendly and offers a convenient experience to the users and of course, it is free to use! Customizable keyboard themes are another plus for this app. The facility to resize the keypad should not be forgotten as well. Thus, it is highly recommended that you get yourself hooked up with this apk file in order to be the cool member of your group!

Google Emoji Keyboard:

Google is perhaps the biggest Tech Company in the world right now. There’s nothing it cannot do. In addition to owning the most successful video sharing service (Youtube) and having the most useful search engine and web browser (Chrome), it also has a cool emoji keyboard. All you have to do is choose “Google” as the emoji type on the emoji keyboard, and take a look at all the Google emojis. Smileys, Activities, Flags, you name it, Google has it! In addition to that, it also has a search functionality, allowing you to fetch your favorite emojis swiftly. You can easily get it on Chrome by installing its extension.

Keyboard Emoji Symbols:

As explained above, emojis are not only smileys that you can use to express your emotions. The concept of emoji goes way beyond that. You have food emojis, flag emojis (to represent your country) and the list goes on. One of the emoji categories that deserves special attention is “Symbols”. This category, like all others, can be used during casual conversations but what makes it stand out is that its purpose is not limited to that. The Symbols category can be used for other important purposes as well such as spreading awareness (with the help of traffic signs), giving directions and denoting mathematical equations. The best way to teach people about something important is by incorporating the lessons into something they love, and emojis are loved by, without a doubt, majority of the internet users.

Emoji Keyboard on MAC:

Getting emojis on MAC is not that difficult as some people have assumed. Although there are a number of ways to insert emojis into your texts, the easiest one has got to be if you own one of the latest released MacBook Pros that comes with a Touch Bar. The Touch Bar will display an option that will enable you to use emojis in your conversations or anywhere else that allows typing. You can also check out the emojis you have used recently and sometimes, you will also be suggested an emoji that is the related with the word you have typed just before.

Copy and Paste Symbols:

As discussed initially, the emoji keyboard is designed in such a way that the selected emojis automatically get copied. However, you can manually copy themselves too once they appear on the screen. There is a copy button, which displays “Copied” once an emoji is copied. The same button is also used for manually doing it.