About Us

What is the Emoji Keyboard?

An emoji keyboard is just like your standard keyboard but in place of alphabets and functions, it has different kinds of emojis that you can easily incorporate into your text messages or mostly anywhere you are allowed to type. The best thing about emoji keyboard is that it has a collection of thousands of emojis of different types such as Google, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger etc. Moreover, each type has different categories of emojis too such as smileys, symbols, flags etc.

How does it Work?

The emoji keyboard is quite easy to work with. All you have to do is select the desired emoji(s). But before that, you need to choose the type (as discussed above). Once you are done with these two things, the selected emojis will appear on the screen and will be automatically copied. You can verify it through the button displayed on the screen (above the keyboard). In addition to that, you can also press that button once again to recopy it and assure yourself. After that, you can paste the copied emojis wherever your browser/app allows you to.

Why is there need for an Emoji Keyboard?

This tool has made the process of incorporating different emojis in text easier. One can argue that every text/chatting platform has a dedicated emoji feature from where the emojis can be added to the message. However, the ease of having thousands of emojis of different types and categories (at one place) which can be swiftly added to the text anytime, has its own importance that cannot be denied. For more, don't forget to vist emoji blogs.

What do we expect from you?

The reason behind introducing this tool was to make it easier for everyone in taking full advantage of different emojis. So, we expect you to try the emoji keyboard and explore it. If you like it, we would hope that you will share it with your colleagues and friends too.